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A little bit about me!

Hello and welcome to Barefoot Lane MN!! 

 I wanted to take a minute and use my first blog post to introduce myself! So hello, I'm Christa, homesteader, wife, mom and baker!

 I'm often asked what I do for a living and I reply "I'm a homesteader!" which is then followed with, what is a homesteader. I don't think the word homesteader has a set definition anymore. To me, it means living off and with the land as much as I reasonably can. This can mean growing food, raising livestock, hunting, fishing or foraging.  

 I spend the growing months working in the garden and raising meat birds. The cold winter days are spent planning for the next season, taking care of poultry, and working on my crocheted and embroidery projects.

All year long I spend many hours baking fresh sourdough goodies! 

 I hope you enjoy following along on my homesteading journey!


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